Find the lost narrative Restoring the presence of 20th-century women artists in the history of art.

Women artists are under-represented, if not completely absent, in art books, exhibitions and museum collections.

Yet they have been a powerful force in the art of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, in particular in the avant-gardes, and arouse the admiration of the public, as has been demonstrated in recent exhibitions (‘elles@centrepompidou’, 2009–2010, Paris; ‘Qui a peur des femmes photographes ? 1839 à 1945’, 2015–2016, Paris; ‘Women of Abstract Expressionism’, 2016, Denver, etc.). AWARE has the aim of rehabilitating the creative work by women artists and restoring to them the place in art history and the public attention that is rightfully theirs.

AWARE: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions is a non-profit organisation, co-founded in 2014 by Camille Morineau, art historian and specialist in the history of women artists. It has as its goal the creation, indexation and distribution of information on women artists of the 20th century, supported by partnerships with important museums, universities and research institutes throughout the world.


Backed up by 4 programmes

“Who are They?”

AWARE’s website (www.awarewomenartists.com) is a virtual resource available to everyone that offers illustrated biographies of artists, academic articles, exhibition reports and a diary section that reviews current exhibitions by women artists that is updated on a daily basis. It will soon be complemented by a documentation centre in Paris – the AWARE (Lab).


“Let’s talk about Them”

In partnership with universities and museums, AWARE organises round tables, symposia and study days in France and abroad, including in countries where women’s status is precarious.


“Where are They?”

AWARE organises museum visits to discover women artists and their art.


“All about Them”

AWARE also ensures information about the work of women artists is spread via paper-based publications read by both the general and specialist publics (conference papers, annual magazine).


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